Amber Krzys



University of Santa Monica - M.A. in Spiritual Psychology

Amber Krzys wants all women to know they are beautiful.  Learning this lesson for herself the hard way, Amber created bodyheart to provide women with the tools of education and exploration to discover their strongest, illuminated, most confident self.  Amber is dedicated to helping women find the art within themselves.

Amber's own journey to loving herself was hardly an easy one.  A dancer and actress, she felt the daily pressure and constant obsession of maintaining a perfect body.  It was during her coursework toward a master's degree in spiritual psychology that Amber had her epiphany.  Tired of hating her body, Amber changed her outlook and in doing so changed the course of her life; that moment of self discovery planted the seed that would become bodyheart.

Her company bodyheart now serves women with a series of workshops meant to promote positive transformations from the inside out.  Through the bodyheart programs Amber believes every woman can walk through life feeling confident, joyful and pretty darn fantastic both about themselves and what they bring to the world.

The only way to determine if anything is going to work is to try it out.

What inspired you to create bodyheart?

It was never my intention to run my own business. As a matter of fact, if you would’ve told me five years ago that I’d be working with women on loving their bodies, I would’ve laughed in your face. But, life is funny that way, isn’t it? Takes us on many different twists and turns.

bodyheart was born out of my own experience. For more than 20 years I punished myself. I loathed my body and I believed my life would be better if my body were different. At age 30, during my master’s program, I was so tired of living that way that I set out to see if I could actually love the body I had.

Turns out I could.

Because of this liberation, other women in my life started noticing a difference in me. They were asking what I did. They wanted to love and cherish their bodies the way I was. And, that is how bodyheart began.

What does your typical job schedule and day look like?

I’m very lucky. Working for myself creates a lot of freedom within my schedule. Each day is slightly different depending on what’s happening. If I’m launching a new program, I can be at the computer for 13+ hours. Those times are extremely intense.

When I’m not in launch mode, it’s a little more calm. I usually start my day with some sort of self time. Maybe a 24-minute mediation, or some spiritual reading or stretching. I usually take my dog, Lucky, on a big long walk or hike as well.

After that, it’s inspired work time. Meeting with clients and/or collaborators. Holding group calls. Writing blog posts. Filming BITS. Answering emails. Communicating with my assistant. Brainstorming. Calendaring. Setting up meetings. Working on the next steps of bodyheart – whatever the moment requires.

I usually honor my lunch break and give myself at least 30 minutes to sit and eat. Then, back to creating.

I like variety, so I really try to mix it up a bit. It’s nice to have the luxury to do that.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing someone free themselves from their prison. That is the most delicious moment. Having a woman -- usually with tears in her eyes -- open up to how amazing her body really is! That is the good stuff.

What challenges keep you awake at night?

I still have moments when I feel behind -- like I should be further along than I am. There’s this irrational fear that I’ve missed the moment and I’ll never be/have what I want.

I worry that I’ll fail. I worry that I won’t reach as many women as I’d like. I worry that I’ll be alone forever. That my work will be the most fulfilling part of my life.

I think very typical fears.

Is work/life balance ever a problem with you? If so, what is one no-fail tactic you use to create balance?

Absolutely. I think we teach what we know best. And, I’m teaching how to have a better relationship with your body. That, in and of itself, requires time. Self-care is one of the most challenging things for us to give ourselves for some reason…and it’s not different for me.

Those moments when I’m launching a new program or creating a new program are usually super inspired and super intense. I’ve spent 18+ hours in front of the computer at times, because that’s what was needed in the moment.

Balance is such an interesting concept. One I’m not sure I believe in. I believe in priorities. Being able to discern what is most important in this moment, right now. Sometimes that’s me and sometimes it’s the inspiration coming through me.

What I can say, is I find myself more grounded when I take care of myself first. Something as simple as five full breaths in the morning where I breathe in the joy, love and enthusiasm for the day and let go of anything that is no longer serving me. That’s a really beautiful tactic I use. Another one is to take a shower before bed. No matter the time -- even if it’s 1 a.m. -- that shower will rinse off the day and help your body relax for a good night’s sleep. That’s another really good tactic.

What is one lesson you've learned in your job that sticks with you?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to risk and take action. The only way to determine if ANYTHING is going to work is to try it out. I started out offering live workshops. Those were a fantastic success for the participants, but not a fantastic financial success. It was like pulling teeth to get people in the room.

After about five events like that, I stopped. There had to be a better way. And there was via the Internet. But, I never would’ve known that had I not taken action.

Be flexible. How you see it isn’t always how it works out.

Who are your role models?

Kris Carr is a big role model of mine on many levels. She is a health and wellness guru that I trust and really resonate with. I find her to be a tremendous resource for better health. I also really love the way she has shared her personal story and made that the foundation of her business. She’s walked the walk and I don’t think there’s anything more inspiring that that. On a business note, I love she has heart-centered empire and I really dig the way she’s built it.

Some other role models include Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Oprah and so many more.

What are some of the rules you live by?

I try to take each day as it comes and not control every second and every feeling. I really just try to let the mood and moment wash over me.

I try my best to remember that we are all doing the best we can at all times, including myself. So, when I want to ‘beat’ myself or someone else up, I remind myself of this. I look for the deeper meaning. What’s really going on here? What irrational fear am I buying into? That’s where great opportunity lies.

What is one thing you wish every woman knew?

That she is BEAUITFUL.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I love this question!

I see bodyheart as a global success. I see books and book signings. I see talks and presentations offered all over the world. I see women stepping forward and celebrating their real bodies. I see us coming together and changing the model of beauty. I see balance and compassion brought into our modern work world.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Leading with your heart will open way more doors than leading with your drive or desire. Follow your heart.