At I Want Her Job, I want to help you discover, explore and connect with your dream job.

I Want Her Job® is an award-winning website featuring curated career conversations with women changing the future of business. It is a community built to encourage the individual growth of career-minded women by fostering a love of learning, curiosity and a desire to help others. From work advice to ‘day in the life’ experiences, consider I Want Her Job your big sister in all things career.

My name is Brianne Burrowes, and I founded I Want Her Job back in 2010. At the time I was looking to make a career leap myself. In fact, it was the same year I moved from Missoula, Mont., to Santa Monica, Calif. I did this without knowing anyone aside from the first woman I featured on this site. (Katelyn also helped me find my first new home in Venice, Calif.!) I also knew my then-new boss and team, but barely, as I had only met them once (during the job interview, naturally).

While 2010 was an intense period of personal growth, it made me who I am today. And it brought this site to your iPad, iPhone, computer screen or whatever new device you happen to be reading it on. I created this site because I wanted to share the incredible conversations I was having over coffee while I went on informational interview after informational interview while looking to switch industries from higher education to marketing. A lot of incredibly talented people helped me.

And here, I want to help you, too. I want you to know that if I can make the leap into a new job (and in another state and another industry), you can too. Or if you want to launch your own business, we have a handful of women on here sharing stories of how they did that, and how you can too. After all, these stories are the reason why I Want Her Job has adopted the hashtags #MakingItHappen and #WomenInspiringWomen.

Check back for interviews with Leading Ladies—women changing the future of business—as well as career advice and first-person stories. And, don’t forget to check out I Want Her Job The Podcast available on iTunes. It features our same career conversations you love but in a format where you get to listen in. Co-founded by Host Polina Selyutin, it’s the perfect dose of inspiration for your morning (or evening!) commute.

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