I Want Her Job Needs Your Help

“There’s room for all of us girls. And we all can be a team and stick together.”
Miranda Lambert

The other night, after accepting her award for the CMA’s Vocalist of the Year, Miranda Lambert used her moment of celebration to thank … the other women nominated in her category. From Taylor Swift to Martina McBride, Miranda didn’t forget a single name. And at the end of it, she told women everywhere that we, too, can make it to the top — especially when we’re in it together.

The I Want Her Job team has many role models. Miranda is only one on an ever-growing list that includes former Leading Ladies, our moms, daughters, sisters, bosses and best friends. Our role models include women we know and think of fondly, women we read about and share stories of on this site and those of you we have yet to meet.

Yes, the I Want Her Job team collaborates when we get home from our day jobs, on lunch breaks and on “lazy Sundays,” to create a site where women from all walks of life can lift one another up through stories of our triumphs and our mistakes. Our successes and our “wish we would have known that” moments. But as with most everything in life, we’ve reached a point where we can’t do it alone. So we’re asking you, our loyal readers, to help us take I Want Her Job to the next level.

Today, we’re launching a social fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. Our goal is big, but simple: to raise $5,500 to relaunch the website we love so dearly with a redesign, new content and ideas so good we wish we could share them now. (Good thing the wait is worth it!)

And now, we need your help. We’re asking that you share our fundraising link with your friends on Facebook, email it to the role models in your life and donate any amount so we can continue to bring you content about women who are making it happen. In fact, if every one of our Twitter and Facebook followers donated $1.00, we’d make our goal.

Like Miranda said, there’s room for all of us at the top. We’re all in this together. Please help us reach our goal in the next 25 days or less so we can continue to inspire you and all of the women in your life.

Visit our Indiegogo Campaign Here