Katelyn Michele




Columbia College, Chicago - Broadcast Journalism

Meet Katelyn Michele. Her Facebook profile says she’s tiny and nice, like that’s not obvious. Kate is a spokesmodel based in Venice Beach, Calif. But don’t think she’s just another L.A. girl trying to make it in the entertainment scene, because she really hails from Chicago. Kate loves spending time on the beach (she should as she lives only blocks from it), traveling, yoga, rock concerts, styling and interior design. She has two great loves living in the fabulous house she decorated that looks straight out of a magazine spread — a husband, James, who works as a reality TV producer and a Chihuahua named Marshall.

You have to be comfortable making conversation with people from every walk of life.

Did you always know you wanted to become a model?
I used to want to be an actress, but I got too late of a start to really pursue it as a career. I never thought that I could be a model because I am only 5’1. But, I later found out that for this particular genre of modeling, there is not a height requirement.

How did it happen?

I moved to Los Angeles just after college graduation. (I was supposed to have a job waiting for me at a music Web site I had interned for the summer before, but the company went under just before I got there!) I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do; I answered an ad in LA Weekly for nightclub models for Philip Morris Cigarettes. (I know, gross!) But luckily through this I met other models and event managers, and one job led to another. I have now represented hundreds of different brands and companies.

What is your typical day like? How does that change from week to week?

My favorite thing about being a spokesmodel is that no two days are the same. (I would go crazy being stuck in an office from 9 to 5!) My jobs can vary in length — anywhere from a day to several months. A typical location would be anywhere from a movie premiere, a concert, a press event, a store opening, a trade show, a nightclub or even just out on the street. I had a two-month job where all I did was take celebrities around Hollywood in luxury Cadillacs for a vehicle launch in collaboration with the Oscars. The one thing all my days have in common is that I spend most of my time approaching and talking to people. I have to be comfortable making conversation with people from every walk of life.

Who are some clients you’ve been a spokesmodel for?

New Castle, Cadillac, Stride Gum, Sephora, Maxim Magazine, Malibu Rum, Dreamworks, The Gap, Loreal, Heineken, P.I.N.K. Vodka, Full Throttle, TAB Energy, Pontiac, Chevy, GMC, Mentos, Hasbro, Phillip Morris, Miller Lite, Joint Juice, Easy Fitness and Quaker (among others)

What has been your favorite job so far?

A few years ago I was a celebrity escort for “Backstage at the Grammy’s,” a Grammy press event. My job was to walk the musicians and talent to a series of radio interviews throughout the day and make sure they were happy and having a good time. I got to meet Papa Roach, Everclear, Slash, Dennis Rodman and Pauly Shore!

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?

Both of my parents have been a huge inspiration to me. They are hardworking and honest. Their morals and values have made me the person I am today, which I think makes me stand apart from a lot of people I encounter in this industry.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing women today?

I think there is still a great deal of inequality between the sexes, and many people are not willing to admit that. Women still are not equal to men in the workplace or even society in general. We have come a long way, but there is still a lot more change to be made, and it is sad there is no longer really a women’s movement.

What is your diet and workout regimen? In other words, tell us how to get an insanely hot body!

I am a vegetarian. I eat five to six small meals a day, which keeps my metabolism up. Each meal includes protein, veggies and whole grains. (I eat a lot of soy, tofu, nuts and beans for protein.) I go to the gym three times a week and do high intensity weight training intervals followed by 30 minutes of cardio on the bike or stair climber. I also either jog, ride my bike or rollerblade on the beach for at least 30 minutes two additional days a week.

How would you describe yourself?

Outgoing, Energetic, Creative, Open-minded, Optimistic

What advice do you have for other girls who want to become a model?

There are many different types of modeling, and they each have there own particular requirements. If you are 5’4 you are never going to be a runway model. But, maybe you can be a fitness model, a commercial model, a promotional model, a glamour model, etc. Find the genre that is right for you, and research the hell out of it. Then network, network, network! Most of the jobs I get are not because I am the most beautiful or most fit, but because someone I have met or worked with likes me. You are your own company, so market yourself! Be nice to everyone ... you never know who will hook you up with your next job!