Weekend Reading: March 9-10, 2019

Every (business!) day on Twitter, we share out our favorite story of the day via our #ReadingOverLunch hashtag. Some posts are light and funny, and…

Every (business!) day on Twitter, we share out our favorite story of the day via our #ReadingOverLunch hashtag. Some posts are light and funny, and others are thought provoking. But, each article caught our attention, and we felt compelled to share it with you.

But, we also realize it can be easy to miss a tweet, let alone a tweet every day during the workweek. So, we decided to share a weekly roundup of all of these articles under a #WeekendReading umbrella. Check back here every Friday for a list of the articles you don’t want to miss.

A Latte A Day …

Are you trying to be healthier but finding it hard to give up your morning latte? Steer clear of tea lattes, Former Leading Lady Jaclyn London R.D. and Nutrition Director of Good Housekeeping says. But, no fear. There are some healthy and delicious drinks that will help you satisfy your craving and stay on goal. Check out her article on The 5 Healthiest Drinks You Can Order At Starbucks. Then, learn more about her job on the site here.

Work Harder?

“Work doesn’t have to be at odds with our personal wellness,” advises Werk in their article Our Dogged Devotion To Productivity Is Killing Our Productivity. And, in a culture where not sleeping and hustling seem to be badges of honor, how do you find your balance? Check out this article to feel a bit better about putting down your phone once you get home from work. Then, check out our interview with the women of Werk, Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach, onI Want Her Job: The Podcast.

Good Vibe Tribe

Do you ever think about how your energy affects those around you — and yourself? Gabrielle Bernstein, a New York Times Bestselling Author and international speaker shares ideas for how you can raise the level of energy you but out there in her article Your Vibes Speak Louder Than Your Words. Our favorite tip she shares? “Set empowering intentions.”

Babes With Boundaries

As this article from Quartz says, “The typical workday is long enough as it is, and technology is making it even longer. When you do finally get home from a full day at the office, your mobile phone rings off the hook, and emails drop into your inbox from people who expect immediate responses.” How do you set boundaries, and what should you do for your work relationships, and more importantly, your health? Check out 6 Things You Don’t Owe Your Boss for some advice.

How We Work Our Networks

The Harvard Business Review took a look at the difference between networks of men and women. They found that men benefit more from being the center of their network, or by being connected to multiple people with large networks. While women benefitted from being at the center of their network, too, they also had to have an inner circle of close female contacts. Check out the findings for yourself in their article Research: Men And Women Need Different Kinds Of Networks To Succeed.

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