The Working Woman’s Closet: 5 Staples You Need Now

We’re not all Victoria’s Secret models and that’s not exactly a newsflash. However, there are many ways a woman—any woman—can create a polished, stylish look that still showcases her personality in the workplace.

As a designer, I see it as my job to keep a woman feeling confident and looking fantastic while doing her job. Physiologically, when you make an effort to look put together, you bring your A-game. Right, ladies?

Here are my five must-haves for killing it in any kind of working environment.

1. A Sharp Jacket

Just think about Jennifer Aniston for a moment. The woman doesn’t just own a blazer, she owns it in her look. A sharp jacket is a staple for you, too. Just keep a few things in mind before heading to your nearby Nordstrom: It has to fit well. It should be seasonally neutral—think: not too hot—and in a color that can serve as a topper for many combos. Black, navy and grey are all versatile choices.

2. A Big Scarf

A scarf is functional and can be used multiple ways. Lay it over the back of your seat when not in use. Roll it up and use as a wrist pad for tired, typing arms. Drape one over your shoulders when the air conditioning is turned up. And of course, you always can wrap it around your neck when you’re feeling under the weather. It should be luxurious, textured and make you feel at once comforted and confident. My favorite is a cream and silk pashmina with fringe.

3. A Bodysuit

Yep, I’m going there. And yes, in full disclosure, my company makes bodysuits. I wouldn’t have a whole line of them if I didn’t really believe that they’re a staple piece in the modern, ambitious woman’s wardrobe. I created Bradamant Bodysuits to give every woman a worry-free tuck. When looking at our collection, make sure to choose a bodysuit that features the same styling as your favorite blouse. Why? Our bodysuit is a blouse! Really. Take a look here. We’ve made sure all of our pieces are cutting-edge, yet all-purpose. Once you’ve discovered your favorite, benefit again and again from staying tucked in and wrinkle- and bulk-free day in and day out. (You’re welcome.)

4. A Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is such a staple it should fit like a glove. Make sure it has enough structure to skim, rather than cling, to your body. Also put it through some movement testing when you try it on. Make sure it has enough stretch to allow for both comfort and free movement.

5. A Statement Shoe

If a watch is the ever-so-important status symbol in a man’s world, we all know what moves the needle in our world. Naturally, it’s a killer pair of shoes. When choosing your perfect statement shoe, keep in mind that they don’t need to be sky-high, but they also shouldn’t look frumpy. I see shoes as an opportunity to exude some authority and individuality without showing too much skin or seeming too flashy. It’s your chance to reflect the YOU that you want to exude. Look a pair that’s bold, playful and memorable. Then, wear them shamelessly as a signature piece.

The big takeaway here: all women can take what makes any model sparkle—her confidence—to any room. We built our brand, Bradamant, around the icon of the female knight leading the charge for a reason. We want you to take charge of your wardrobe, your confidence and your life.

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