Meet the ‘Likes’ for Learning Sponsors

So, what organizations does ‘Likes’ for Learning support?

She’s the First :: She’s the First is a nonprofit started in 2009 by I Want Her Job alum and She’s the First Founder Tammy Tibbetts and Executive Director and Vice President Christen Brandt. It was created to promote the importance of educating girls who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go to school. To inspire these girls to break barriers and realize their dreams, She’s the First helps as many of them as possible by attracting donors to an online directory of schools with sponsorship programs. She’s the First has a goal that every girl and woman, by connecting with others around the world, will find the courage and support to pursue a chosen dream that fulfills her personally and improves the world around her — even if she must be the first to prove it can be done. Find out more at

Starfish One-by-One :: Formally launched as a U.S. nonprofit incorporated in Colorado in 2007, Starfish One-by-One was founded to unlock the potential and talent of Guatemala’s most marginalized population — young Mayan women. Through a unique combination of scholarship and mentoring, Starfish One-by-One ensures a young Mayan woman’s sustained access and success in middle and high school. It creates capable young women who are empowered to change their family, community and country. The nonprofit currently operates in three distinct communities in Guatemala and serves more than 150 adolescents. Find out more at

I’m ‘Liking’ I Want Her Job on Facebook and following the site on Twitter, but who is paying for this?

As with anything, this campaign wouldn’t be possible without a team of fiercely passionate people who believe in She’s the First, Starfish One-by-One and the I Want Her Job community. Some of them are other websites and bloggers. Some of them are good friends of the site. What they all have in common is a desire to give back and do good. So, without further introduction, meet the ‘Likes’ for Learning sponsors.

She’s the First Los Angeles :: The Los Angeles branch of She’s the First is just getting off the ground. It aims to hold fundraisers, connect with others who want to help educate girls and serve as the West Coast arm of She’s the First (based in New York City). Follow She’s the First Los Angeles on Twitter @STF_LosAngeles and get to know the team! And p.s. If you live in Los Angeles, they’re on the lookout for new members to join! Send them a message on Twitter to find out how to get involved.

IdeaMensch :: IdeaMensch is a website founded by Mario Schulzke that features passionate people who bring ideas to life. The site, which features daily interviews, realizes that it takes a special kind of person to take an idea and actually bring it to fruition. Those people exist within large companies, small companies, schools, nonprofits and in a garage or basement near you. Some are entrepreneurs, CEOs of large companies, and others are normal people burning the midnight oil trying to bring their idea to life. The site doesn’t just feature people because they’re successful, it features people who have a passion for an idea. Find out more at

Project Minnie :: Project Minnie is a website for people who love animals, prefer animal-free products and believe that small changes can make a big difference. The site strives to introduce animal lovers to viable options for animal-free products, interview interesting people in the animal-free product world, give animal-free products a broader platform for exposure and adoptions, educate about the pervasiveness of animal byproducts in everyday products and support organizations that help to reduce animal exploitation/consumption. Project Minnie was founded this year by I Want Her Job alum Amanda Skerski.

My Smiling Heart :: My Smiling Heart was created by Jen Saunders, an artist, positive thinker and bit of a hippie. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Jen currently lives in Daqing, China. She constantly seeks inspiration and is addicted to learning new things, thought-provoking quotes and creating beauty that inspires others. You can follow her blog at

The Anti-Resume :: The Anti-Resume is a site created by Mike Krass that has a simple, yet challenging motto: Go beyond your resume. The site is a place for talented, young professionals that features video interviews and hand-picked career advice. Mike started the site a few months after he graduated from college, when he was working as an intern and felt that his lack of “professional” experience on paper (a.k.a. his resume) did not accurately reflect his abilities and display his aptitude for the projects he knew he could handle. 

Farm With a View :: Farm with a View logs the adventures of two first-time urban gardeners who, in late 2009, acquired a (very weedy) 12 x 17 foot community garden plot atOcean View Farms in West Los Angeles, Calif. Follow Connie Sung Moyle and her husband as they build self-irrigating planters out of old buckets, try out recipes for five-pound zucchinis, raise worms on their balcony and generally spend too much time coaxing homegrown organic vegetables out of the soil. 

And, this campaign never would be possible without, as The Beatles said, a little help from our friends. A big thank you to:

  • Adam Steffen
  • Chris Wright
  • Evan Davies
  • Katelyn Michele (I Want Her Job alum)
  • Laura and Jim Burrowes
  • Mandi Middlestetter (I Want Her Job alum)
  • Mark Wigler
  • Mike Tam
  • Missy Klepetar (I Want Her Job alum)
  • Molly Musolf
  • Nate Schweber + Kristen Couchot
  • Scott Holmes
  • Todd Sebastian

Want to make a financial contribution to She’s the First and help educate and mentor girls in developing countries? E-mail iwantherjob[at]gmail[dot]com to find out how.