Breaking Up With Google Reader + Starting a Relationship with Feedly

Like most Leading Ladies, I need to keep up with multiple RSS feeds—industry news, favorite blogs, etc.—on a daily basis. I also need to be able to get through a lot of content quickly. And up until recently, I was a long time fan of Google Reader until Google broke my heart by announcing the discontinuation of the Google Reader service.

I researched alternative RSS feeds until I found a suitable alternative. Enter Feedly. I know, I know: it’s difficult to imagine using anything other than Google Reader, but trust me when I say it’s easier than you think.

Getting Started

When you first go to Feedly, you’re given an option to sign in with your Google account—there’s no need to waste any time going through an extensive registration and set-up process. The service allows you to import your feeds from Google Reader, so you won’t lose the time you previously spent subscribing to your favorite content. Feedly even has a feature called “Must Reads,” where you can designate specific content as high-priority so it always appears at the top of your feed.

It’s is currently available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you need a more in-depth how-to guide on getting started with Feedly, they offer a Guided Tour.

The Feedly Difference

Since joining Feedly, I’ve grown to like the service just as much—if not more—than Google Reader. Feedly offers more versatility with design and layout, which, as a creative individual, I love. Similar to Gmail, you have the option to change the look and feel of your feed by installing a theme or changing the format of your feed to fit your tastes and needs. Currently, I have my account set up with a theme that features a seafoam green background (Leading Ladies love a little color!) and the “Full Article” view.

Functionality is also something Feedly does and does extremely well. You can organize your feeds by category and add or remove subscriptions easily. I also love that at the bottom of each article, it gives you the option to share the article via social media or save it for later using a service like Evernote or Pocket.

Can’t Miss RSS Feeds

Below are some of the favorites I follow using Feedly. You can add any of theses sites by clicking the magnifying glass next to your feed, then searching for the title of the site or entering the specific URL.

Have you made the switch? What are your favorite RSS feeds? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook!

Image | Styled Stock Collective