Brianne B. Perleberg | Founder + Editor

Brianne B. Perleberg is the founder + editor of IWHJ. After deciding she wanted to change industries, Brianne started interviewing anyone in the advertising industry she could sit down with. And after unearthing gem after gem of career-changing advice, she began to wonder why there wasn’t an online resource for women to pick the brains of those whose jobs they wanted. So, she created one. All of the informational interviews and networking paid off, too: during the day Brianne serves as senior consumer marketing manager at NASCAR track Phoenix Raceway. Previously, she served as a digital and social media strategist at WONGDOODY and as the youngest-ever editor-in-chief of the Montanan, the award-winning alumni magazine of the University of Montana. Brianne loves trips home to Montana, steaming lattes, scoring designer dresses on eBay, and spending time with family, including her husband and shih tzu.

Polina Selyutin

Polina Selyutin | Managing Editor + Co-founder, I Want Her Job: The Podcast

Polina Selyutin is the co-founder and managing editor of the I Want Her Job podcast. She has a background in operations and management consulting for technology companies. Most recently, she is happily chasing her two toddlers through San Francisco’s steep streets. She enjoys too many things to list, but espressos on foggy San Francisco mornings are a good place to start, followed by the chance to experience the world a second time through her children’s curious eyes. She tries to squeeze in time to read and keep learning while savoring the sweet chaos of family time, photographing practically everything, traveling when possible, dancing around the house with her kids, endless piles of books, long philosophical conversations with her friends, and the process of stumbling through life and parenting as life slowly reveals itself. Polina is thrilled for the opportunity to have conversations with women about different careers and for creating those moments when someone is inspired by an idea or an experience to make a change in their lives. You can find what inspires her on Pinterest and read her latest on Medium.

Mandi Middlestetter

Mandi Middlestetter | Senior Features Editor

Mandi Middlestetter is a senior features editor of IWHJ and a freelance copywriter in Portland, Oregon. Prior to freelancing, Mandi honed her craft for five years at a digital agency, did a couple of marketing gigs and graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism. She’s loved books and words since 1984 (that’s as far back as she can remember) and even sees parallels in her daughter’s love of the same. Mandi’s got a thing for strong coffee, secondhand stores and family outings where not a single person melts down.

Keriann Strickland

Keriann Strickland | Senior Features Editor

Keriann Strickland is a senior features editor of IWHJ and marketing communications manager at Waterford Institute, an education technology company and research center. An admitted side hustle addict, she also works as a freelance editor, writer and content strategist. Keriann’s previous work titles include editor and content strategist for a health tech company that creates disease-specific social networks; adjunct instructor at the University of Utah; and, newspaper reporter. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Montana and a master’s in communication from the University of Utah. Happiest when she’s near mountains, Keriann telecommutes from and recreates in Missoula, Mont. Get to know Keriann by following her on Twitter.


Saskia Boogman | Senior Features Writer

Saskia Boogman is a senior features writer for IWHJ who was introduced to the site as a Leading Lady. A waitressing job, turned Google Blog of Note, turned writing gig with Hooters of America led to the somewhat controversial interview that connected her with the ladies behind the scenes. Completing her MBA at the University of Montana, she found her way back to her hometown, Billings, Mont., and a marketing coordinator position with camping leader, Kampgrounds of America. Visiting campgrounds from coast-to-coast aiding in all things marketing – and enjoying the occasional s’more – she also helps with the business side of her parents’ bakery, Caramel Cookie Waffles. Ironically, even amidst all those treats, Saskia is a self-described “gym rat” and top-10 national level fitness competitor. You can follow her adventures in fitness on Instagram or her blog (which she admits needs a little more love).

Becca Duvall

Becca Duvall | Digital Communications Editor

Becca Duvall is the digital communications editor for IWHJ and a PR grad with a burning passion for all things fashion and digital media. This true Southern belle loves reading, SEC football, being outdoors and making to-do lists. After working in the fashion industry for several years, she decided to make the transition to the not-for-profit sector of PR and is loving every minute of it. Get to know Becca by following her on Twitter.

Becca Mulhill

Becca Mulhill | Social Media Editor

Becca Mulhill is a social media editor at IWHJ and a recent graduate of the University of Montana. Now with her degree in hand, Becca hopes to put her passion for fashion, DIY, design and all things social to great use. When she’s not organizing her planner or buried in homework, you can find Becca – iced coffee in hand – perusing Pinterest, reading blogs or doing a little shopping online. Besides floral print and everything digital, Becca also loves the mountains, water and sunshine (she’s a Montanan at heart, after all). Get to know Becca better by following her on TwitterPinterest or Instagram.

Kathleen Garvin

Kathleen Garvin | Contributing Writer

Kathleen Garvin is a contributing writer for IWHJ and a Philadelphia-born and bred editorial assistant, conference exhibitor and co-manager of social media in health care communications. She’s often found asking strangers in scrubs about their jobs. Kathleen graduated with a degree in magazine journalism from Temple University in 2009 and spent the first year after college traveling, taking a writing class in NYC and freelancing. She enjoys Philly sports, travel, continuing education, the burgeoning city tech scene and everything pop culture. You can find Kathleen on Twitter and her travel blog.

Antoinette Diaz

Antoinette Diaz | Director of New Business + Partner Relations

Antoinette leads advertising and partner relationships for IWHJ. She comes to the team with a diverse background and faith in female empowerment. Antoinette pitched her way through college playing softball for Eastern Arizona Community College, graduating from EAC and extending her softball career to the sweet southern state of Georgia for the University of West Georgia Wolves. Antoinette is a New Mexican native with a passion for learning. She majored in sport management and attained a minor in studio art. In her spare time you can find her painting on her porch or out meeting new people at a sporting event.