About Us

I Want Her Job® is an award-winning website featuring daily curated career conversations for independent-thinking women everywhere in search of the next best thing. We are a community built to encourage the individual growth of career-minded women by fostering a love of learning, curiosity and a desire to help others. From work advice to 'day in the life' experiences, consider I Want Her Job your big sister in all things career.


We are:

: mentors.

: risk takers.

: motivated by helping everyday women.

: goal-setting, change-leading and ambitious.

: grateful for opportunities and eager to open the doors for others.

: storytellers and story lovers.

: invested not in one, but in the whole.

The Leading Lady is:

: driven.

: collaborative.

: resourceful.

: a pioneer.

: curious about the world around her.

: on her second or third job out of college.

: someone you’d want to grab a drink with.


Image | Alisha Gaddis