Matchmaker Lisa Ronis On Listening To Your Gut

Meet the female version of Hitch: New York City-based matchmaker Lisa Ronis specializes in connecting the city’s upscale singles too busy with work to find relationships on their own.

Known as the “matchmaker who really listens,” Lisa is an advocate for an intuitive type of listening — listening to one’s gut. “There are so many factors that go into matching two people,” she says. “I consider lifestyles, must-haves and deal-breakers. I also get a gut feeling about two people, and often times my gut is spot on!”

Prior to launching her own matchmaking company, Lisa was vice president of accessories product development at Liz Claiborne. In her spare time Lisa can be found organizing charity events, which she shares, is also a great way to bring singles together!

What has been your career path from this job to your current role as a matchmaker?

I had a wonderful, creative and exciting career in the fashion industry. My last job in fashion was as vice president of product development of accessories at Liz Claiborne. I had 6 product categories to design 5 times per year, and I managed a team of 40 people. Now I manage people’s love lives, and I also work as their image consultant. I believe that my clients have to look great, feel great and put their best foot forward.

What prompted you to make this career switch?

I needed a change, and I wanted to do something meaningful for the duration of my working life. I have many marriages under my belt now, and there are lots of kids running around because of me!

What does a day in the life of a matchmaker entail? How do you organize your day?

Every day is different and I wear many hats. I try to structure my day with in-person meetings, phone calls and creative time to match people. Even so, things always change. If a client has a crisis I stop everything and talk with him or her. Or, if another client spontaneously visits NYC for a day and want to meet with me, I change things around to accommodate them. I’m always on call.

What is one aspect of matchmaking that others often misperceive, or may not know about?

There are so many factors that go into matching two people. I consider lifestyles, must-haves and deal-breakers. I also get a gut feeling about two people, and often times my gut is spot on!

How could one of our readers apply the principles of matchmaking to her career search?

If you’re in an interview and something feels off, listen to your gut.

Do you feel that you have a good work/life balance, or do you have more of a work/life integration? Why?

I’m all about balance. I really respect career, family life, romance and alone time. And I can’t forget time with my puppy!

What is an accomplishment on your resume that you’re most proud of?

I have changed people’s lives. This past spring I celebrated two of those life-changing moments with former female clients who found love [through my services]. Both are now married with loving husbands and babies. I have changed their lives completely!

What is one thing our readers should know about starting a business?

You must be married to it the first year.

What are three pieces of career advice you’re willing to share with our readers?

  1. When you love what you do, it never feels like work.
  2. Keep others’ feelings in mind, and don’t be judgmental.
  3. Always try and step back and ask yourself if you can do things a little bit better.
  4. A balanced person is a happier, healthier person!

Do you take your own relationship advice?

Not always! I’m a true romantic, and sometimes I lead with my heart — not my head. This isn’t always the best thing!