Heather Hubbard





Boise State University - Marketing Degree

Art Institute of Seattle - Fashion Marketing

Heather Hubbard has always believed she could do anything she set her mind to. So shortly after graduating from the Art Institute in Seattle, Heather moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream working simultaneously at the fashion and entertainment publication Ingènue and as a retail planner/buyer at the LA boutique chain Katwalk.

In 2006, Heather traded in the palm-lined streets of LA for the gritty sidewalks of New York City and became an in-house stylist at Vera Wang. She then joined Joey Showroom, realizing that her heart was pulling her toward the small business side of fashion. And after a two year stint at the company, she started her own business: HH Productions.

At HH Productions, Heather works with emerging designers to help them realize their potential. Heather and her team strive to develop her clients' brands through in-depth product and sales strategies, including branding, market strategy, product development, production and sales processes.

Fluff will only get you so far, so keep it real.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion?

My style has always been a way for me to express myself and connect to people. I was lucky, and from a very early age I knew exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. It was a natural progression.

Why did you leave a coveted position with Vera Wang to embark on creating your own company, HH Productions? What has that shift been like?

Vera is someone I've respected for years. Her path, both professional and personal, has always been inspiring to me. I was at a runway review at the corporate office wearing a black silk wrap dress, YSL black satin pumps and a strand of pearls. I looked to my left and saw a sea of women in the exact same look. It just wasn’t me. So I followed my instincts and opted for small business where I would be able to have more of a voice.

What does your job involve on a daily basis, and what types of responsibilities do you have in your position?

I wear many hats! Day-to-day, my duties range from meeting with designers, buyers and PR  partners to styling a look book shoot, developing an exclusive design for Intermix, attending a trade show or just touching base with our retailers and making sure they're happy with our collections.

What challenges keep you awake at night?

Sometimes my most productive hours are late night. My days go by so fast and we cover both domestic and international markets, so I'm emailing with Asia at midnight and conferencing with Europe at 6 a.m.

Is work/life balance ever a problem with you? If so, what is one no-fail tactic you use to create balance?

Yes, of course! But I try to make a point to allow time for myself. I get to do what I love every day. Most people don’t get that opportunity!

Was there ever a moment in your career where you’ve thought, “I made it!” What was it?

My first season at both New York and Paris Fashion Week was incredible! That said, I don’t know that I have had that “I’ve made it!” moment yet, but I'm very happy with where I am at this point in my career and I look forward to continuing to grow as a company and individual.

What are some of the rules you live by?

Be genuine, honest and follow your instincts.

What qualities does one need to possess to be successful in your line of work?

Fluff will only get you so far, so keep it real and avoid getting caught up in the drama. Fashion  is tough, competitive, impatient and demanding. Confidence, knowledge and a passion for what you do is key.

What one piece of advice do you wish you could tell a 21-year-old version of yourself?

Make time for the present while striving for your future.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I want to keep the “showroom” lineup small, because we're so interactive with our designers. I like being a boutique agency; it’s more personalized and hands-on. We do plan on expanding our consulting services to a broader category of clients by guiding young brands in design, marketing, styling, retail strategy and help them to find the right sales, trade show and PR partnerships.