Rachel Hofstetter: Vice President of Marketing at Chatbooks

Many of us feel like we hit the lottery when we land our dream job. But today’s podcast guest has held a handful of dream jobs for some majorly crush-worthy companies.

Many of us feel like we hit the lottery when we land our dream job. But today’s podcast guest, Rachel Hofstetter, has held a handful of dream jobs for some majorly crush-worthy companies.

The last time we featured Rachel on I Want Her Job, her book about foodie entrepreneurs, Cooking Up A Business, was fresh off the press and stirring up quite the media buzz. She also had just launched guesterly, a memorable approach to introducing all of the special people at your special events – from weddings to bar mitzvahs – with her husband Lorne. Then last fall, guesterly was acquired by Chatbooks, makers of “super easy $8 photo books” and Rachel became vice president of marketing for the brand.

This veteran food editor of O, The Oprah Magazine also found the time to share what she learned about crafting that perfect pitch while working at the publication and launched PR School, an online course, with former Leading Lady Angela Jia Kim.

In episode 16 of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Editor Polina Selyutin speaks with Rachel about pitching a business idea, managing a startup and her work/life balance philosophy.


  • On Testing A Business Idea: Rachel believes in starting as small as you can, because ideas shift and change so much.
  • That Work/Life Balance: “You can do anything for a season of life,” Rachel says. By writing from 5:30 to 7:30 a.m. every day for eight months, this mindset was the secret that helped Rachel complete her book while still holding down a full-time job.
  • #HashtagInspo: Rachel coined 2015 her #YearOfHustle, and used that mentality to push herself – fully knowing that she was going to work harder than she ever worked before. Her other motivation tip? This defined time period helped give her the motivation to keep going.
  • Discover Utah: Her 2015 hashtag was so motivating that she decided to make 2016 the #YearOfUtah, which she says for her is all about loving the awesome thing about where you are. (Rachel is Utah-based these days.) She says she sees moving to another city as an opportunity to “game another world.”
  • New York State Of Mind: Rachel’s move to New York City at age 21 had a life-changing impact. Being surrounded by the doers and creators striving to make something and find out who they wanted to be made her who she is today. She advises moving somewhere when you’re young and don’t know anyone. “It will make you dream bigger and do more things,” she says.
  • Give, Give, Get: Those three words will alter your whole PR strategy, says Rachel. She advises those seeking more PR to think about how you can create a win-win situation when reaching out to the media. Outlets want a great story, so think about how you can stand out in a big way. After all, she says, only a handful out of the 400 pitches she’d see in a day made the inbox cut.
  • On Landing Your Dream Job: Create the opportunity for yourself, and “chisel” into your dream job, Rachel says. Don’t wait on others to give it to you.
  • Eat A Frog, Sail A Ship: Here’s Rachel’s secret to time management: Do the hardest thing first. (Eat the frog.) Then, “sail a ship,” – put out new things every single day.
  • Favorite Resources: PR School and The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni
  • Learn More: Connect with Rachel on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Chatbooks on Instagram.


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