Rachael Norman Is Helping People With Their Out-Of-Network Medical Bills

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As the founder of Better, a technology company that helps people get their out-of-network medical bills paid, Rachael Norman and her team are disrupting the medical industry. Here’s how it works: If you send Better your claim, they will do the work that can require hours of back-and-forth phone calls, codes, procedure conversation and requests for documentation. If your bill is paid, Better will take a 10 percent fee, and you get the remainder that out-of-network money back.

For anyone who has dealt with the headache of getting a claim paid, this business model is likely music to your ears. With Better, Rachael and her team have structured their business to be centered, and financially aligned, around the needs of the patient. In today’s show, Rachael shares her thoughts on the challenges in our health care industry, her hopes for building businesses and health care systems that put patients first and more.