I Want Her Job The Podcast: Meet Margot Kane



Margot Kane, vice president of strategy at the Calvert Foundation, joins I Want Her Job to discuss impact investing. This type of investment allows you to invest money, while also improving communities around the world. We also ask Margot about her projections for growth in the industry, examples of impact investments and the potential within impact investing to transform some of the world’s biggest social issues. You may be surprised to learn that if you have a tax ID — and only $20 — you, too, can become an impact investor today!


  • Margot discusses her role with the Calvert Foundation: Learn more.
  • Margot’s advice for joining the field of impact investing: “If you want to learn more about this field, don’t be scared off by the finance side. Finance is not rocket science; it’s more like fancy arithmetic.”
  • Margot discusses projects for communities, as well as women investing in women.
  • Impact investing is a mismatch — a multi-disciplinary practice — that encompasses everything, Margot says.
  • Information on impact investing: Learn more here.
  • Why we need more women in finance: More details here.