Food Blogger, Writer + Photographer Lily Diamond

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Lily Diamond is a successful food blogger, writer and photographer who recently released her first book, Kale and Caramel. In her book she shares recipes for fresh food and how to use ingredients from your home kitchen to create beauty products—like facial washes, scrubs and moisturizers—as well as personal stories from her life. The book, which is based off Lily’s website of the same name, also serves as a tribute to her late mom, and in it she shares memories and reveals how she coped with her massive loss.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve been mixing up wild concoctions—first with flowers and leaves in my childhood garden on Maui, and later in the kitchen,” Lily says. “My mother was an aromatherapist and herbologist, so I grew up immersed in the science of scent and the wisdom of the plants. Early on, she taught me that every flower, fruit, and tree has important wisdom to share with us. If we listened. And so I made a point of listening to the plants and foods that surrounded me.”

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Episode 64