Heather Freiser Of The Muse On Creating Clickable Content

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Heather Freiser’s role as the Vice President of Branded Content for career website, The Muse, puts her squarely in the role of creating videos and articles that share stories in unique and captivating ways. In other words, she directs the production of content that makes you want to click, listen and watch useful and interesting career advice that supports job seekers and helps those currently employed with on-the-job advice.

Prior to her role at The Muse, Heather was a senior brand editor at Contently, and before that she served as a senior producer at Bloomberg, overseeing all production for the network’s closing bell show, Street Smart. And before that she held various production roles at Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel.

Want to work with Heather? Don’t hesitate to pitch in. “I tend to have the mentality of all hands on deck, everyone pitches in. ‘That’s not my job’ is not something that is in my vocabulary … ” she says. “When I interview employees or look for employees, it’s that mentality of ‘Let’s do whatever we can to get this project done together and get it done quickly and get it done well.’ So for me, the person that shows they will pitch in, that no task is too small or too big is a big thing for me. I really look for that kind of drive in employees.”

Heather takes this mentality to her other office as well. In addition to her role with The Muse, she also is the owner, along with her husband, of a literary-themed restaurant in Atlantic Beach, New York called Beginnings. The restaurant provides diners with an immersive dining experience that is paired with a literary theme. For Beginnings events, Heather gets to dream up and create literary nights for titles such as The GodfatherAngela’s AshesThe Great GatsbyEat, Pray, Love and more. During these events, the entire menu, attire, and of course, the conversation, revolves around a book’s theme.

In today’s show Heather shares her career path, details of her day-to-day life on the job, juggling professional life while raising three young children, and tips and trends for those interested in a similar career path.