Diana Klochkova of Rebel Ventures

Diana Klochkova has a job anyone in digital strategy would dream of. Heck, it’s a job anyone would dream of!

As the vice president of digital strategy and analytics for Rebel Ventures, a leading digital strategy and tech venture firm focusing on global sports brands, she gets to help shape the digital strategy of some of the most iconic sports teams of our time. With a client list that includes Real Madrid, Golden State Warriors, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Bulls and San Francisco 49ers, among many others, we’re talking about a lot of iconic sports brands.

In episode 38 of I Want Her Job The Podcast, we talk to Diana about her path to digital marketing strategy, her previous role as global social marketing lead for Levi Strauss & Co., life in Panama and Shanghai, and more. We also talk about a product Diana created in her free time, The Bang Wrangler, headbands that stay put in the water, which has since evolved into a line of water sportswear for women called KLASH.