#cut50’s Jessica Jackson Sloan On Getting Involved In Your Community

Jessica Jackson Sloan is the national director of #cut50, a bipartisan organization working to reduce incarceration rates and to make communities safer. The organization’s goal is to cut the prison population in the United States by half within the next 10 years. Their campaigns for change are led by people who have been directly impacted by the justice system and want to create change.

She also currently serves as as a council member for Mill Valley. Previously she served as Mayor and Vice Mayor of Mill Valley and was the youngest-ever elected official in the city.

Jessica was the 18th guest on I Want Her Job The Podcast. Her episode was one of our top 10 most-downloaded shows. So, today on the podcast we wanted to check back in with Jessica to hear what she’s been working on since we last talked.

Additionally, Jessica shares ways to get involved today in your local government. While most of us aren’t going to run for mayor — thought it’s worth considering! — there are usually dozens of local opportunities within your city. They can bring a great sense of fulfillment and community spirit that can enrich your life as you help your neighbors. Learn how you can get involved by listening to our latest episode. Then, Watch #cut50’s recently released video from Mic.com featuring the organization’s co-founder Van Jones and Kim Kardashian West. In it, they discuss their White House meeting on criminal justice reform.


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