I Want Her Job The Podcast: Meet Katherine Brown


Katherine Brown, practice lead for investors industries, focuses on impact investing for the World Economic Forum. Known for its annual Davos conference, Katherine shares what it’s like to work for the WEF, including her role overseeing investment money that improves communities around the world. She also shares her unpredictable path that led to her role at WEF, as well as why she loves her job—and the impact it makes—so much.

  • Advice for joining a mission-aligned organization.
  • Katherine’s work for the World Economic Forum and the Forum for Young Global LeadersLearn more here.
  • Her participation in the SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) 2015 conference: Learn more here.
  • The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Why dancing in the Opening Ceremony was one of the best things Katherine has ever been involved with.
  • Katherine’s book recommendation for finding balance: Check out Essentialism — The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.
  • The future of impact investing: Check out this inspiring video from the WEF website.
  • Why we need more women in finance: Check out this article here.
  • Learn more: Get more information about impact investing here.